We are happy to announce we have met our minimum order quantity to place an order with our aluminum manufacturer here in California for the anodized Bike Valets! As the customer you should have received an automated email with a request link to finish your order by returning to your account and completing check out with your payment information. Please do so at your earliest connivence. We are excited to be moving forward and one step closer to the rerelease of  new The Bike Valet!

Over the next few days we will collect payment for all open Bike Valet order requests. If you have ordered more than one unit and your account has not had it's shipping total credited to combine your order, please let me know and I will do so manually.

Once this process is complete we will begin manufacturing ( I anticipate by early next week.) The expected manufacturing period is six weeks.  I will be posting and updating the production timeline during manufacturing on the blog feed at  www.thebikevalet.co

Once manufacturing and packaging are done, we will start  shipping  asap!

Please Contact me with any questions or issues directly. Thank you for your patients in this process and your support of The Bike Valet.


Steven Tiller

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