We've moved our site from Wordpress to Squarespace. Why?

Do to the buggy nature of the previous site built on the Wordpress platform (with a WooCommerce theme),  we have decided it is more efficient and streamlined to shift The Bike Valet to a Squarespace hosted platform for our e-commerce needs. This allows us more time in the studio and less time glued to the computer addressing backend plugin functionality and update issues affecting the performance of the site. Our strengths are in furniture and design and less so in IT problem solving.

Squarespace is a better suited option for us and a relief to have 24/7 tech support for any issue that may occur.  There are many pros but one of the cons is, we will no longer be able to host a "my account" section for our customers. As a result you the customer will no longer be able to "login" at  www.thebikevalet.co. As of today August 12, 2014 any unpaid or incomplete customer pre orders have been cancelled and removed. 

All completed orders with payment are valid and intact. Your order number and recite still apply. Each completed payed order invoice will be moved manually to the new Squarepace platform. All sensitive payment information is held safe within the merchants services vault at Braintree Payments and is not affected by this move, nor is any of this sensitive information stored here at RAF.

We are aware that there was an issue with being kicked out of the shopping cart when attempting to check out on the pervious Wordpress site. Any further purchases should no longer suffer the same checkout issues and can be made at www.thebikevalet.co on a much cleaner and smoother platform. Our apologies for any previous inconvenience. 

Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you.


Steven Tiller