We are in the midst of production now and have received our first article for inspection made some changes and are awaiting the return of our second article. Now that we have moved past the first article phase I will be posting production shipping and delivery updates here on the blog more frequently as we move forward. Up until now there has not been much to say other than hold tight. We are working closely with the manufacturer to get a firm shipping schedule. The original estimate was six to eight weeks from our release.  Unfortunately this estimate has been exceeded do to circumstances beyond our control. We know you are as anxious to receive your orders as we are to deliver them. 

Overall we are very pleased with our first article in aluminum. Only a couple minor issues to address in the tooling process. We are pleased with the fit and have addressed the concerns we feel will make The Bike Valet a better finished product. The image to the right is the naked first article (with tooling marks and finger prints still intact.) Slightly thicker than its steel predecessor, half the weight and twice as strong.  

first article ALMN

We've been asked many times about the weight capacity of the Bike Valet so we stress/weight tested the new aluminum in this highly scientific manner. :)  This is 35lbs with no static flex to the mount. ( If your road bike weighs more than 35 lbs we need to have a very different conversation : ) 

We thank our customers for their support and patients. As soon as we confirm a solid delivery date from manufacturer we will post an update to let our customers know.  We are looking and moving forward.

Please email or call with any question you may have.