Sales are open August 2017


Great news,  our summer production run parts have arrived and will be headed to anodizing later this week. Sales are now open.

Shipping begins in 3-4 weeks. 




Notice of price increase

HEY! Why did the price go up ? WT..? Trust me we know how you feel.

We started making the Bike Valet in 2011 and have over the last 6 years explored many options and manufacturing techniques to offer the Bike Valet at what we feel was the best price point we could provide and remain competitive. As we move further into this century manufacturing expenses continue to rise upward, increasing our CODB.

As a result, we will be increasing our price point to meet these manufacturing cost increases. 

As of today, April 21, 2017 the Bike Valet will now be available for $158.oo USD moving forward. 

For those that have supported our product in the past and those that will continue to support in future, we thank you. 


Steve Tiller